How safe is your home?

Peel Regional Police recently had help catching a burglar from home video surveillance. The suspect was arrested for multiple home invasions in the Mississauga area. A video camera installed with your home alarm system is one of many ways to reduce the risk of burglary. Insurance companies do not necessarily recognize video surveillance as an underwriting factor but for peace of mind, this and many other safety precautions can be taken.

The Peel Regional Police have posted a Home Security Challenge on their website.  Consumers are asked to answer several questions and are scored based on their answers. Along with the questions are explanations as to why certain measures increase security. This tool allows you to determine how secure your home is currently and also what you can do to improve security. For example, the screws that secure the strike plate opposite the lock of your entry door should be 2.5 to 3.5 inches long. According to the website, most door installations use screws of less than an inch. With shorter screws, doors are easily prone to being kicked in. This is a common way of entry for burglars.

Peel Regional Police reported  27 homes were broken into last week in Mississauga. Suspects gained entry through unlocked backyard gates in fences then proceeded to look for unlocked windows and doors. Oddly enough, their Home Security Challenge does not suggest locking your fence gate.

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